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An original project of food design, but also a true editorial project. It consists of a tea bag linked to a little book, whom reading lasts just the brewing time (5 minutes).

It is a way to live a valuable experience during a time that could be considered as lost, otherwise. In shorts, it gives a peaceful and quite moment, a cuddle for mind and mouthfeel (and no contraindications to the ideal weight). It is a way to get away from the schizophrenic digital voyeurism of today, and to take back our time. At least for 5 minutes.

Narratè® in short:

  • It guarantees a 5 minutes reading (about 4.500 words), so a dedicated focus that nowadays it is rarely reachable with every other media (both on and off line);

  • It is entirely customizable, even in digital ways (e.g. QR code, but also inserts in augmented reality);

  • It is a food product with no contraindications basically, it is in rapid growth in Italy and largely widespread all over the world (tea is the second most common beverage, after water);

  • Creative consumer experience. Consumers are now interested in buying experiential goods, both for them or as gifts;

  • At an affordable price (less then 5,00), it makes the giver look good, and who receives it is delighted for the gift;

  • It is mainly handmade (the final assembling is by a social cooperative in Milan), printed on recycled paper, and its blends are formulated ah hoc, with high quality ingredients.


Narratè® is like an emotional sand-glass with three ingredients: time, blend and stories. We guarantee magic of the first through quality, the care and competence preparing the other two. That’s why we are maniacally committed in every detail, as we are aware that perfection doesn’t belong with us, but attention does.


The production final step is the hand-made linking of teabag with the booklet. We have chosen to collaborate with some Italian social cooperatives: it is a way to give to the underprivileged a chance of social integration.


Our teabag is enough to make two cups of tea. All blends are unique, and formulated ad hoc for each story. They contain whole leaf teas, the flavours are not artificial but obtained through first choice natural ingredients. 


We press in a historical printing house in Milan, that uses recycled paper and paperboard. The out of standard format, the small runs, the use of heat embossed metal plates and fluo inserts for the cover, finally the binding with two staples need high skills and competences. The product results as a small made in Italy excellence, to be collected, title to title, after reading.



NARRAFOOD Srl - Milan (IT)

+39 339 7314 080 (only italian language)

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