Does each package contain only one tea/herbal tea filter?

Yes, they are all single doses useful for offering a complete experience that we define as "reading tasting". Let's remember that we are a publishing house and we create editorial products, so the tea bag - suitably designed for each title, so that the story can continue with flavor - is to be considered as the "gadget" attached to the book.

Can I purchase separately only the blend that I tasted while consuming Narratè®?

We are working to offer different ways of purchasing only the blends which, we like to remember, being created specifically for each individual title, are original, unpublished, exclusive as well as artisanal and organic. We aim to be able to sell our blends, even separately soon, both in filters (refills) and in bulk.

Above what amount do shipping costs become free?

Upon exceeding two amount thresholds:
- with a spend of at least €35.00 you are entitled to free standard shipping (3-5 working days following the shipping date)
- with a spend of at least €50.00 you are entitled to free express shipping (1-2 working days following the day of departure).

How is the actual duration of shipping time calculated?

From the moment we receive the correctly completed order, three phases take place:

  1. Order assembly  - we  process the order and package products properly for courier collection. Preparation time, in relation to the period and complexity of the order, can vary from a day to a few days. In the event of particular situations (participation in trade fairs or overload of orders) we promptly communicate this on the home page of our site, indicating the different timing and methods.
  2. Il ritiro del corriere – this usually takes place on the working day (therefore excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) following the order.
  3. Transit and deliver at your addressy - The counting of days of actual transit must start from the day following the date indicated in the email you will receive, together with the shipping number and the link where you can check the progress (tracking). Always and only considering working days, therefore removing Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays from the count.

That said, the two types of shipping we offer are:
- standard (3-5 days)
- express (1-2 days)

If I have some short stories to suggest, can I send them?

Of course, we will read them with pleasure. But keep in mind that we have very little time and an editorial agenda already defined for the next 2 years. So arm yourself with a lot of patience 🙂

I would like to create a personalized Narratè® (for my company, for a wedding or graduation, an event, etc...), is it possible?

Sure! Contact us at specifying whether it is for a company, a private individual or a non-profit project.

Can I choose the type of tea to include together with the title I would like?

Unfortunately not. Each title has its own blend studied and formulated ad hoc so that the story continues with the flavor and they are offered already packaged together.

How do I know if there are Narratè® resellers in my area?

In this page you can find all our resellers. Keep in mind that if they don't reorder our products, we are not able to know what they have in the store and we cannot even stalk them with continuous calls. So we always suggest contacting them before going there.

I have a shop, but not a food license, can I sell Narratè®?

Of course, ours is an editorial product and the tea filter (closed and packaged, not sold separately) is attached as a "gadget" to the book. The tea bag is therefore to be considered as a sort of free sample which, as it does not involve handling the food (being sealed) or tasting on site. Narratè® purchase is completely comparable to the sale of a book. Important to know: editorial VAT is paid at the origin by the publisher and must therefore not be counted during the sale phase.

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