The first commitment that we have made with this project is undoubtedly ambitious: enticing as many people as possible to recover the habit of reading, thus providing food for thoughts to deal with our complex society. A sort of cultural picklock, simple and rewarding.

In our opinion, the use of philosophy, making it truly accessible to everyone, is crucial to understanding and filling some of the gaps in knowledge and thought that often underlie most widespread existential distress. This is precisely our purpose above all with Philosophical Herbal Teas and partly with Lifebeltea, where we rely on empathy - through irony – intended as a useful element to understand and accept our defects and those of the others with a smile. An effective way to dilute the growing tensions, uncertainties and precariousness of liquid contemporaneity.

With the aim of ensuring the maximum accessibility to our contents, for some titles (Fairy Tales and all the Philosophical Herbal Teas), we have chosen a font specifically designed for people with dyslexia, a disorder that is associated with reading difficulties and affects over 2 million Italians.

Manual processes such as mixing the blends, putting them into bags and packaging the food-grade plastic bags are carried out strictly manually, one by one. This allows us to cooperate with Italian manufacturers, remunerating them adequately and respecting their dignity as well as their work carried out with human methods and processes.

We believe that well-being also depends on what we eat, which is the reason why we aim at offering a top-quality sensorial experience in terms of taste and healthiness, therefore all the ingredients used are organic and, where possible, locally sourced. The organic products bear the ICEA certification.

We designed our product in such a way as to largely reduce the use of plastic, such as the food bag that contains the single-dose bag and preserves its freshness and aromas, while protecting it from any environmental micro pollutants. This is the only use of plastics in our products.

All our paper media are mixed recycled and FSC certified, while our “sincerini” (leaflets that always tell the truth) of Philosophical Herbal Teas are made of stone dust, therefore without cutting down any tree. This particular paper, besides being very pleasant to the touch, is waterproof but photodegradable, which means that, if it is left in sunlight, it breaks down in a few weeks without leaving any residues.

We were among the first to add the Digital Environmental Label, when it was not yet mandatory. By scanning the QR code on the back of the cover, you will learn how to correctly dispose of the various components of the product, through geolocalisation for the municipality of reference during the consultation.