Odette Copat

Autrice di "Un tè con le Madri di Plaza de Mayo"

Odette Copat was born in Pordenone in 1975. Graduated in Political Sciences in Padua, she deals with planning and quality in the field of autism services. In 2020 she published the book Malincomico manual of rescue for everyday life and in 2023 Minicosmi - a sentimental map (Biblioteca dell'Immagine). For years she have been the author of the column "Settimosenso" on the sunday pages of the Messaggero Veneto and of the blog 30giorninprova. Together with Federica Pivetta and Monia Merli she takes care of Pnleggebooklovers, the Pordenonelegge reading club.

she wrote for Narratè®: